Sali Ariel

Selected Exhibitions


One-Woman Exhibitions

2016     American Embassy CLO one woman exhibit Tel Aviv

2914        American Embassy Residence- Art in Embassies Program Herzliya, Israel

2012       ”In Zurich”- Zurichsee Galerie, Zurich

2011        Affordable Art Fair-Art Facet Gallery, Singapore

2010     One Woman Exhibit Art Facet Gallery, Singapore

2010        Israeli Artists Group Exhibit, Arts House, Singapore

2009        Love Art Tel Aviv, Open Studio and Banners of Paintings in Tel Aviv

2009     “100 Years of Tel Aviv” Rosen Center Gallery Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Tel Aviv

2008         Israeli Artists- Dalia Kent Gallery Boston MA, USA

2008        “Concerning the Spiritual, Israel/India” Art Chamber Gallery, Goa, India

2007     “Dog Days in Tel Aviv”, Bauhaus Center Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007     “Dancing to the Beat of the City”, TAPAC, Tel Aviv

2007     “Tel Aviv Paintings”, Pennello Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA

2007        “Divine In.Tent” Markers VI, Venice Bienniale and Documenta (Kassel)

2006        “Tel Aviv/Bauhaus” 2 Israeli Artists, The Jewish Museum, Fulda, Germany

2006     “Tel Aviv Paintings”, Bauhaus Center Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005        "2005 Salon Exhibit of Israeli’s”, Meyerhoff Center, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

2005     “Tel Aviv Bauhaus Paintings”, Bauhaus Center Gallery, Tel Aviv

2004     “Beach Paintings” West Gallery of the Herzlia Municipality, Marina House Herzlia

2003     “Tel Aviv Paintings” USA Independence Celebration, American Embassy, Israel

2000     “Retrospective”, Women To Women, Herzlia Pituah Israel

1999     “The Female Spirit”, Women to Women, Herzlia Pituah

1999     “Paintings On Paper, From the Model”, Artists House ,Alharizi, Tel Aviv

1998     “Women”, Gallery of the Midrasha (Kalisher/Bet Berl) Kfar Saba

1998     “Identities”, Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa

1997     “Contrasts”, Gallery of the Midrasha (Kalisher/Bet Berl) Kfar Saba

1996     Florentine Studio Show, Tel Aviv

1995     Florentine Studio Show, Tel Aviv

1993       Tara Gallery, Gaash

1984       ”Farm Memories” Alon Gallery, Jerusalem

1982        “Post-Modernism”, curated by Gideon Ofrat, Artists House, Jerusalem

1982        Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York City, NY USA

1981     “Prepositional Art”, curated by Bertha Urdang, Hillel Gallery, Jerusalem

1979     The National Art Center, Soho New York City, NY, USA




2010     “Sali Ariel, Cityscapes and Intimate Images” Published by L.K.P. ltd

2008     Up Front, The Jerusalem Post (Aug. 22) “Waste Not, Want Not”- Gloria Deutch

2007     The Jerusalem Post (Dec. 19) “Best of Pals” – Greer Fay Cashman

2007     The Jerusalem Post (Jul. 18) “Dog Days in the City”- Greer Fay Cashman

2006     Zuza (March) pp. 38-42 “Sali Ariel paints the Bauhaus of Tel Aviv”-Dmitry Spector

2004     Haaretz Anglofile (Jan. 2) “on The Street Where She Walks”-Charlotte Halle

2002     The Jerusalem Post (Feb. 22) “Sali Ariel” – Greer Fay Cashman

1999     The Jerusalem Post (Oct. 8) “Sally Ariel “A Woman and Her Art” – Ann Kleinberg

1998     The Jerusalem Post (Jun. 26) “Sali Ariel at Richter” – Greer Fay Cashman

1993     Al Ha Sharon (Sept. 3) “Next to the House”- Orit Lotringer

1982     Olam 5 Mar. “All the World is a Stage” Gidon Ofrat

1982     The Israel Economist Jan. “Sally Ariel, Flash Artist in Jerusalem.” Dvora Ben Shaul



1965 – 1968        Washington University School of Fine Arts,  St Louis Missouri. U.S.A.

1970-1972              Cooper Union New York City, NY,  U.S.A.

1971-1972           Art Students League, New York City, NY,  U.S.A.

1997/98               Midrasha  (Kalisher/Bet Berl)  Kfar Saba, Israel (studied with Rafi Lav)




She is a member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors, Tel Aviv, and the Israel Professional Artist’s Association, The Co- Active Coaches-Israel, and The International Women’s Club of Israel.