The Rothschild Series

Collectable Cards by Sali Ariel, Available in packets of 8 note cards (5" X 7") with 8 envelopes. Each set contains 2 each of the 4 scenes shown below. Price = $10 per packet + postage. Use Pay Pal to order your cards. For more info email to SaliAriel@yahoo.com The Rothschild Series is a set of eight collectable note cards featuring four of Ariel's Tel Aviv citiscapes. Click on a card below to open a new window with a larger picture of the painting.

Nachmani Street card one Nachmani Street, near Rothschild

Rothschild/Bezalel Yaffe card two Bezalel Yaffe Street, at Rothschild

Rothschild/Shenkin card three Shenkin Street, corner of Rothschild

Rothschild/Balfour card four Balfour/Rothschild intersection

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